Ravanica Monastery

The monastery of Ravanica, - memorial monastery of Prince Lazar, its founder whose tomb is in the church. Lazar built it shortly before the 1389 battle with the Turks at Kosovo. Resava monastery, a memorial of Prince [Despot] Stefan Lazarevic from early 15 century, famous in the past for its copying school and now for frescoes of Holy Warriors which depict the equipment of Serbian warriors of the late Middle Ages.

Fruška Gora Monasteries

Fruška Gora monasteries represent a unique group of sacral objects founded in the period from 15th to 18th century. 15 out of 35 monasteries that were built are preserved till today. As cultural and historical values, they are under protection of UNESCO. Throuhgt history, these monasteries have represented a symbol of the Serbian resistance to the Turkish Empire and protectors of the great national treasure - sacral art and architecture, keeping the spirit and collective memory of the nation. Still active monasteries are: Krušedol, Petkovica, Rakovac, Velika Remeta, Novo Hopovo, Staro Hopovo, Jazak, Mala Remeta, Grgeteg, Beočin, Privina Glava, Šišatovac, Kuvezedin, and Vrdnik - Ravanica.

Program: 08.00 Departure from Belgrade from the assigned place.
A ride to Fruska Gora and a visit to number of monasteries in wide area of the Iriški Venac site. Visiting Hopovo monastery - one of the most significant cultural monuments in which Dositej Obradović stayed and received education. Visiting Krušedol monastery, which represents the store of the Vojvodinian baroque painting.

Continuing of the journey to Petrovaradin citadel. Visiting the citadel and the Museum of Novi Sad on the citadel. After the Petrovaradin citadel detour, continuing the journey to Sremski Karlovci.

Lunch in the "Četiri lava" restaurant in Sremski Karlovci.
Sremski Karlovci detour which consists of visiting the Patriarch court - with entering the store and the Serbian Orthodox Church Museum, and Karlovci high school - with entering the festival hall and the library of the Magistrat, the town building, with the balcony from which the jurisdiction over Serbian Vojvodina was given to its people, in 1848. Visiting Stražilovo picnic place, 4km from Sremski Karlovci, where the grave of the poet Branko Radičević lies. 20:00 Return to Belgrade.

- Transportation by Minivan tourist class minivan [CD player]
- Transportation by bus tourist class bus [high floor, TV/CD player, air condition].

Price of the arrangement includes:
- Transportation [bus or minivan]
- Visiting Hopovo and Krušedol monasteries
- Tickets for sites and visits to cultural facilities: Visiting Petrovaradin citadel and Museum of Novi Sad, Patriarchate court, Serbian Orthodox Church Museum, Karlovci high school.
- Lunch in the "Četiri lava" restaurant in u Sremski Karlovci
- Services of the local guide
- Accompanist from the agency
- Trip organization and guidance

Minimal number of passengers is 35 for bus and 14 for mini-van.

Visit Serbian Monasteries

Day 1th: Arrival to Belgrade. Meeting of passengers and representatives of the agency at the airport Nikola Tesla - Belgrade. Transfer to the hotel. Spare time. Overnight.

Day 2nd: Breakfast. Route: Belgrade - Vrnjačka Banja [spa]
Sanctum places of Serbian capital [St. Petka Chapel and Church Ružica, Orthodox Church and Patriarch's residence, St. Sava's Temple, the biggest Orthodox Temple in the Balkans]. Departure to Vrnajčka banja. Visit to the Monasteries Pokajnica, Manasija, and Ravanica; lunch in the monastery. Arrival to Vrnajčka banja. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 3rd: Breakfast. Route: Vrnajčka banja - Monasteries Žiča, Ljubostinja, Kalenić - Vrnjačka Banja. Lunch is planned in Monastery Kalenić. Visit to the open - air Museum "Kalenić" and familiarizing with the old Serbian crafts: weaving, spinning, knitting, basket weaving. Presentation of the national architecture and traditional usable objects.
Return to Vrnjačka Banja. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 4th: Breakfast. Spare time. Route: Vrnjačka Banja - Monastery Studenica.
Visit to Monasteries Djurdjevi Stupovi, Sopoćani. Arrival to Monastery Studenica. Lunch. Accommodation in the Monastery's residential building and presence to the evening prayer. Overnight

Day 5th: Breakfast in the Monastery residential building. Route: Studenica - Ovčar banja [spa] - Ovčarsko - Kablarska Gorge - Valjevo

Visit to Monastery Gradac [long hiking tour] and St. Peter's Church on the way to Ovčar Banja. Arrival to Ovčar banja. Lunch in the national restaurant. Visit to the Monasteries of Ovčarsko - Kablarska Gorge: Vavedenje [Presentation of the Virgin], Vaznesenje [Resurrection], Sretenje [Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple], Svete Trojice Blagovestenje [Annunciation of Holy Trinity], Ilinje, Savinje, Nikolje, Jovanje i Uspenje [Dormition]. Departure to Valjevo. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 6th: Breakfast. Route: Valjevo - village Sitarice - Valjevo.
Petnica cave, Research Center in Petnica. Visit to the old city center Tešnjar, Muselin's konak [hist. castle, palace], the monument of the greatest Serbian army commander Živojin Mišić, and the monument of poetess Desanka Maksimović]. Visit of the Monasteries Ćelije and Lelić in which are the relics of the Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, the Orthodox theologian and writer from 20th century. Visit to the Monastery Pustinja from 14th century, built during the rule of the Nemanjić royal family.

Visit to the village Sitarice on the hillsides of Medvednik Mountain. This is the place with traditional, old Serbian houses, outbuildings, folklore, customs and traditional dishes of Serbian cuisine are preserved and cherished. In the yard of an old authentic village house, Serbian dining table brimming with national dishes and drinks, traditional Serbian host, songs and dancing typical for this part of Serbia, welcomes guests. Return to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 7th Breakfast. Route: Valjevo - Soko Grad - Monastery Tronoša - Tršić - Belgrade
Departure from Valjevo. Arrival to Soko Grad and visit to the Monastery Complex of "Soko Grad". Short break. Departure to Monastery Tronoša and Trsić. Visit to the Monastery Tronoša and monastery residential building. Visit to the Ethnographic Commemorative Park and Commemorative House dedicated to the father of Serbian literacy Vuk Stefanović Karadžić in Tršić. Lunch break and individual activities. Departure to Belgrade in the evening. Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight.

Day 8th: Breakfast. Transfer to the airport; departure.

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